What is a Blessing Way?

A Blessingway is a Diné (Navajo) tradition used to bless the path of young women. Similarly, an American Blessingway chooses to honor a person's future path by blessing their way as they enter a sacred transition in life. It most often refers to a mother/birth blessingway, but can be held for transitions such as a baby blessing, young woman's first moon time (menarch), graduation, marriage, or even divorce. Jen can facilitate any of these special transitions for you or a loved one with a meaningful and empowering ceremony.
If you or someone you love is interested in a Blessingway, please contact Jen at tuesdaynamaste@yahoo.com. Blessed Be!

Mother Blessingway

An alternative or supplemental event to a traditional baby shower, a Mother Blessingway is a way for a woman's family and friends to support, nurture, and empower a mama-to-be as she prepares for her birth experience and the transition into motherhood (perhaps with an additional child). Mother Blessingways can include pampering the mama, the making of a birthing necklace, gifting of simple blessings to the expectant mama, washing of the mama's feet, and perhaps even a belly cast, depending on the wishes of the mama. Most Mother Blessingway ceremonies last approximately two hours. A mama-to-be emerges from a Blessingway with a rich sense of love and support for her journey into labor and motherhood. Jen will work with the mama and/or the hostess(es) to tailor the celebration to the style and wishes of the mama so that everyone is comfortable and has a wonderful time. However, if you just want to show up and enjoy yourself, Jen will happily take charge just bring the ceremony to you.

Belly Casting

Belly Casting is a way to savor the beautiful sculpture of the pregnant mama. A belly cast is a wonderful reminder to the whole family of the transition that led to sacred life. Belly casts are often hung on bedroom walls, safely tucked away for posterity, or sometimes the basis for a piñata for the child's first birthday party.

Jen has facilitated many Belly Castings and knows how to make sure this is a delightful, relaxing, and fun experience for mama. The belly cast is made of plaster (similar to creating a cast for a broken limb) and is applied to a mama’s unpetroleum-jelly covered torso. Once the plaster dries, it can be decorated or left as a beautiful white sculpture. Mama takes a relaxing shower while Jen cleans up.

A Belly Casting can be done as a stand-alone ritual. Mamas often choose to do a belly casting as the first part of a Mother Blessingway. Belly Casting generally takes about 1 hour, and Jen brings all the supplies. Due to the intimate process, a Belly Casting is often done with a small group of close friends, or just a partner and older child, whomever you choose.

Baby Blessing

Families interested in welcoming an infant may be interested in creating a baby blessing for their little one. A simple and beautiful blessing and presentation of the child to the family community can be a wonderful way to mark the coming of a new being into the universe. Jen officiates baby blessings with much joy and honor.

Blessing Way Facilitation

Jen Serra Shean offers Blessingway facilitation for those who want to experience a Blessingway, and would like someone to officiate the event. Jen gracefully facilitates Blessingway events in honor of expectant mothers, newly birthed people (of any age or species), and others going through life transitions. Her passion for this tradition and friendly nature make it easy for anyone to welcome her into their home to facilitate a Blessingway. She will work with you to make sure that the event is inclusive of everyone, with all guests feeling comfortable with the process.


Jen offers Blessingways because she enjoys sharing this tradition with others. She also charges $50/hr. including preparation, travel, and ceremony time. Blessingway supplies used in the ceremony are included. This compensation is for the Louisville Metro area; for events in other locals, travel costs will be added to the price.

Depending upon the amount of participation and ceremony input from the host(s), and considering the amount of preparation and material costs, a rough estimates follow:

  • Mother Blessingway (about 2 hours) - $150
  • Belly Blessing and Cast (about 1 hour) - $100
  • Baby Blessing (about 1/2 hour) - $75
  • Life-Transition Blessingways vary depending on the occasion

Jen will be happy to discuss costs of other ceremonies as the opportunities arise. She is always eager to consider barters/trades and work on a sliding scale for those in need.

If you are interested in having Jen lead a Blessingway ceremony for you or a friend or family -member, please send an inquiry email to Jen at tuesdaynamaste@yahoo.com to talk about the possibility and coordinate the details.